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At AK Fit Club founders Andi and Kim aim to promote fitness and fun! With a background in competitive cheerleading, as well as being fitness lovers, they want to share their passion for health and fitness. A qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor they started AK Fit Club as a way to make fitness enjoyable and accessible for everyone.

Why We Do Fitness

We started our signature Skip HIIT Classes as skipping has so many amazing benefits and we love seeing people progress throughout a session and leave with new skills.


With our fitness events such as HIIT+Flex Burn & Brunch and Skip HIIT SUP Stretch not only do you get a workout but the chance to socialise and have fun.


As flexibility is often neglected even though it's important to help prevent injury, improving circulation and increase your range of motion, we co-created the FlexiFITT - Splits Challenge App to help you incorporate stretching into your daily routine and improve your flexibility by helping you focus on a specific goal. It helps enable you to gradually achieve the splits with a guided series of stretches, tips and challenges to help you reach your goal.

We love the community we have created and meeting new people from our classes, events and teaching at fitness festivals.





I am a constant attender to events and fitness classes at AK Fit Club and there is a reason for this. I feel so welcomed whenever I attend any of their sessions because they are so friendly and have the most wonderful, genuine vibe to them. They put one hundred percent energy in everything and always make an extra effort.

I will always support AK Fit Club and always look forward to attending anything they do.



Skip HIIT is a great class for all levels. Having not skipped for about 15 years before my first class I was a little bit nervous about what the class would be like. However it doesn’t take long to get into the swing of things. Within a few weeks I was able to do several different skipping moves.

Along with the skipping, which is great at building cardio,  there are also bodyweight exercises which help tone and get a sweat on. 

Andi and Kim are really good trainers, very professional, and a lot of fun. They inject a lot of energy into the classes, which helps motivate you if your feeling a bit sluggish. They will help with technique and routines as well.

I highly recommend this class; it’s great at building your fitness levels, is a lot of fun, and you will definitely see results if you go week in week out.



I absolutely love  doing Skip HIIT classes with AK Fit Club.Andi and Kim are really great supportive teachers (and genuinely lovely women) who make working out so much fun. Yes they try and throw in some cheerleader/gymnastic looking moves every now and then (which I normally nervously laugh at when I first see them) but I like that they keep it fresh so you don't get stuck in a comfort zone.



I never thought I could workout so many muscles at the same time, week after week your skipping skills get better and you start doing jumps you never thought possible. Best full body workout I have ever tried!



I Love AK Fit Club classes because they challenge me to do better than last time. The classes are always fun, which is why I go back for more. During lockdown the classes have continued and classes have been tailored to our individual needs. I can see how much stronger I've become over time and I love it.



Andi and Kim are brilliant trainers and the skipping is so much fun you forget how hard you're working out!

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Participation at an AK Fit Club class is taken at the individual's own risk of injury or loss. If you are pregnant or you have any medical or injury concerns regarding skipping for fitness or any element of an AK Fit Club fitness class, please contact a medical professional prior to attending a class.

Our Skip HIIT Classes use plastic ropes which may cause redness if caught on the skin and may cause some discomfort.

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