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About FlexiFITT -

Splits Challenge App

FlexiFITT - Splits Challenge is a fitness mobile app designed to improve your overall flexibility by helping you to focus on a specific goal.

A Guided Splits Challenge

FlexiFITT walks you through a series of stretching exercises to get you closer to doing the full splits.

Tips and Techniques

Before starting each stretching challenge, you can review all the stretches that the challenge involves, to familiarise yourself with the correct exercise technique and form.

Unlock Challenges as You Progress

As you progress through the programme, you can unlock more intensive stretches that will progressively increase your flexibility.


FlexiFITT - Splits Challenge App Today!

There's no day like today. Start your splits challenge by downloading FlexiFITT from the Apple App Store.


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Participation at an AK Fit Club class is taken at the individual's own risk of injury or loss. If you are pregnant or you have any medical or injury concerns regarding skipping for fitness or any element of an AK Fit Club fitness class, please contact a medical professional prior to attending a class.

Our Skip HIIT Classes use plastic ropes which may cause redness if caught on the skin and may cause some discomfort.